WXGA vs XGA projector ? Which one should you buy for office ??

WXGA vs XGA projector ? Which one should you buy for office ??

Should you buy an WXGA vs XGA projector for office ??

Display technology is changing, screens with wide aspect resolution is considered as the next standard for office or home use. All latest display products including Projectors, LED TV, Computer Monitors, Laptops, Mobiles use wide formats. Should you consider a WXGA vs XGA resolution ??

Chances are if you are buying a projector for office or classroom you might be considering WXGA resolutions instead of XGA. The basic difference lies in the aspect ratio that is 16:10 for WXGA instead of 4:3 for XGA. But still customers prefer to buy the XGA version, why ?

Lets compare the two to understand better.

Performance XGA, 1024 x 768 pixels (4:3 format) WXGA, 1280 x 800 pixels (16:10 format)
Image Size You get bigger real estate or projection size due to the near squarish shape of the image. XGA projector will project a larger image than a WXGA projector with the same width. You get more height due the 4:3 format of the XGA projector. Projected image size is limited to the width available of its width. If you do not have  sufficient width for projection, a WXGA image will look a lot smaller than a XGA projector. The smaller height of the WXGA image due to its width oriented 16:10 format playing the spoilsport.
Image quality Projecting a WXGA image to a XGA projector will add a thick black band on the top and bottom of image to mimic the wider format image, affecting the overall size, clarity and sharpness of the projected image. WXGA resolution projectors will not have any problem projecting a lower resolution XGA image without affecting the clarity or sharpness. But you still have to contend with a smaller projected image.
Projector Cost XGA projectors will be cheaper than a WXGA projector with similar specs. WXGA projectors will be costlier that a XGA projector with similar specs.
Screen Cost 4:3 format screens are priced lower, hence the overall project cost will be lower. 16:10 format screens are priced higher adding to the overall higher project cost.

The selection will purely depend on your exact requirement. The following checklist should help your decide.

  • Your input device resolution / display format.
  • Width available for the screen / image.
  • Your budget.

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