EGATE i9 LED HD Projector (Black) HD 1920 x 1080 – 120-inch Display


  • Brand                        EGate
  • Model                        i9
  • Item Weight              998 g
  • Product Dimensions  20.8 x 16.8 x 7.8 cm
  • Screen Size                120 Inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio  16:9
  • Image Contrast Ratio  1000:1
  • Audio Wattage          2 Watts
  • Total Usb Ports         2


High End Home Theater

Egate i9 LED LCD projector boast s of native HD screen resolution of 800 x 480 and support up to 1920 x1080. With more than 16k colors and 1000 :1 contrast the image quality from high quality LCD panel is unparallel in the industry to give you crystal clear image and detailing . With various pre designed picture and movie mode you can chose the best that suits you and can also manual customize the brightness , contrast and color mode. So now just plug in your data from a pen drive to play directly without need of a PC/Computer or connect the world of media devices through many I/O ports to work with your PC, laptops, MP3 players, cameras, gaming consoles, and many more, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy any form of media from virtually any source including USB drive.

Made for India – Heat, Dust & Fluctuation Proof

Most of the projectors are made for western countries, where in there is neither heat, dust or power problem. Our R&D team have developed the technology keeping in mind the Indian harsh conditions. The sealed optical engine prevents the dust to gather in side providing you years of crystal clear imaging. The heat sink specially designed for India can withstand hot temperatures up to 49 degrees. We also have customized its power management system to withstand power fluctuations and power cuts resulting in instant on off. All this we call e-core, while for you, peace of mind for years.

USB – Direct Play

Just plug in your USB PEN DRIVE or HDD upto 1 TB and enjoy your latest collection by playing directly. Yes no need to rent DVDs or connect your PC or Settop box, Just connect your usb device and play directly. The media decoder is capable of playing most of the video formats like MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 – AVI/MP4, RM/RMVB , MIPEG – .AVI – 640×480 @30p ; DivX – DIVX/AVI, FLV. While for pictures JPEG, BMP, PNG etc. are supported, it can play WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC sound formats.

Save World – Green Technology

The world belongs to the coming generations. We at EGATE take all care to produce items which are safe for them. The green technology not only ensures less power consumption but 4 times the life of a conventional lamp projector, ensuring less of e-waste coupled with recyclable materials.

Host of Ports

The Power House Hosts the most input output ports for you to connect virtually any media device that you can think of . And the inbuilt powerful e-core engine does full justice to it. So just say good buy to your TV and enjoy your Home Theater with ability to connect to virtually any media device. The true digitization of home has started.

Large 120” Screen Display

For our LED technology has certain features that uniquely suit the challenging requirements of operating in harsh Indian conditions while giving you a very large 120 inches of display. While a traditional TV with its limitation can be a fix configuration of 32” or 40” display. Just imagine Egate’s 120 inches display in front of a TV. And that is not all , it gives you a flexibility of screen size also. Today you want brighter and smaller size just bring it closer to the wall/screen, and tomorrow while watching a cricket match or a movie take it farther away to bring the 120 inches of Theater LIVE in your Drawing Room…..still buying a TV.

Led – Life Long Lamp

This green technology (LED) also improves the quality of video display, while dramatically increasing the working life of the projector to an estimated 20 years! That is why we call it life long lamp.

The use of the LED lamp, combined with a high quality LCD, enables true color representation just like a widescreen LED TV, but at lower cost. Picture quality and brightness remain consistent over this period, unlike in older technologies, where image degradation is commonly experienced – often after only a few months of use resulting in costly Lamp replacement every year.

Built-in Stereo Speaker

Great visuals needs compliment from good stereo sound. Egate i9 LED projector has inbuilt stereo speakers to give ears to your visuals. So you need not carry external speaker every where along with you. Just sit back and enjoy.

Home Theater. Truly

800 x 480 with full HD support of 1080 and 1000:1 contrast ratio with native 16:9 resolution boasts of the best in class visuals from i9. Its one click ability to switch between multi ratios like 4:3, or media originals and multi level digital adjustments gives the Cinemascope the nearest competition. Watching your favorite movie on a wide screen of 120 inches at leisure of your home is a charm of its own.

Configuration Unmatched

All that can be packed in this gadget, has been. You name it and we have it. From latest high speed 2 USB, HDMI, VGA, AV, mSD, inbuilt speakers, best brightness in its segment, great HD resolution support, high contrast, large LCD technology, largest screen size in its category of 120” inches,1800 location India warranty pickup support and the list is endless.

Short Focal Lense

Throw ratio , meaning the image size at a particular distance is again one of the most important aspect while making the decision. Mostly cheap Chinese brand will use 2 or 3 fiber lens. However Egate i9 has 5 piece glass lens to give you years of crystal clear clarity. This ensures a short focal length meaning larger image from shorter distance hence brighter image due to less loss of light.

5 x Glass Lens – Dust Free Design

After lamp, lens is the most important part of a projector. Mostly cheap Chinese brand will use 2 or 3 fiber lens. However Egate i9 has 5 piece glass lens to give you years of crystal clear clarity. This also ensure a short focal length meaning larger image from shorter distance hence brighter image due to less loss of light.

Endless Connectivity

Think of a device and chances are it is compatible with this intelligent wonder. We have taken care of having most of the input output ports that is possible for you to connect to i9 projector. Through wire you can connect your gaming device, laptop, PC, speaker, Blueray / DVD player, set top box, camera, media player and many more. Possibilities are huge as per your imagination.

India Product – India Warranty. Complete Peace of Mind

By buying Egate product you not only ensure that you are buying products made and adapted for India, but get a complete peace of mind for India local warranty. We have 1800+ location of warranty support via Fedex , who pick the faulty unit and brings it in safe hand and environment of dust free factory to get it rectified and bring it back to leisure of your home within no time.

Meet India’s Most Admired LED Projector Brand – EGATE

The future’s not really about technology.

It’s actually about the experiences made possible by advances in technology.

That’s something we at Egate have understood since we began in early 2011. This core insight still governs all of what we do today, breaking down the barriers that obstruct people from making the most of technology for richer, brighter multi-dimensional experiences.

Five years ago, Egate Infotel was among the first movers to introduce digital LED projectors to the Indian market. Apart from augmenting existing business and education segments, Egate was responsible for a new paradigm in cost-effective home entertainment – with products that reproduced a quality cinema theatre experience in everything from apartments to bungalows.

The refinements we offer in video display technologies for diverse applications (Education/Business/Home).