Projection Screen, 100″ Diagonal Motorised, 4:3 Format, Kross



KROSS Projection Screen, 100″ Diagonal Motorised

Projection Screen, 100″ Diagonal Motorised from KROSS. Kross brand offers value for money products in the quality screen segment. Kross Motorised screens also known as Electric screens or Automatic screens. They are the sophisticated, convenient and easy to use versions of projection screens. They come with super silent motor & wireless RF remote. Mount it on the wall or suspend it from the ceiling and conveniently operate it with a touch of a button.



Kross screens are innovative in terms of design & functionality. They are manufactured in world class manufacturing facility using best quality materials & components. Our strict quality control system ensures you get screens that match international quality standards. Our commitment to providing you with quality screens that are built to last make them more value for money in the long run.


Available Models :

PureVIEW – Classic Projection Screen

Fabric : Matte White (Hi-Gain)

Format (Ratio) :  4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10

Available Sizes :