Vivibright LED 1080p Mini Portable Full HD 3D HDMI VGA USB TV SD LED Projector 800×600 Pixels (SVGA)









About Vivibright Series model

• Vivibright Series model Using a simple Single-Panel Liquid Crystal, it contains an integrated LED light source and a glass lens with a simple projection system, the goal is just to Video Playback. .. the advantage is Small Portable Size, low brightness is its disadvantages . •with the level of processing technology and containing SRS SRS stereo sound of HIGH FIDELITY chip amplifier, its stereo speakers with SRS Sound, SRS technology is currently the best sound.

You will get Vivid and Clear Picture Quality

• Professional projector design reference product, with all the features of the projector, standard USB / SD multimedia interface, can play various video source formats / Music / Photos / E-BOOK, it contains double the HDMI digital interface , as well as conventional audio and video interface, VGA to computers. • Most importantly they are designed very compact and portable, just pal. m-size, so it supports playback of any video file format in any environment by connecting to a USB / SD / HDMI / VGA. .. • then the Vivibright Series is suited for small private home theater and video play content.

Keystone Function

Vivibright’s All GP series portable projector instantly imagined Designed for Private images easy to Enjoy cinematic 100inch class size